Ahad Kherani, Owner of Express Laundry Center

In 2015, I decided to pursue a new business venture. As an owner of an existing building with the ideal demographics for a laundromat, I decided to reach out to Laundry Systems. There were other vendors that wanted my business but I felt like they were not a good fit for me. I felt comfortable working with Jeff Large and his team because they were local as well as having the latest state of the art equipment available for my new business. I felt like their equipment would outlast the competitors and utilize the least amount of energy which would help my bottom line. One year later, I still feel the same about their equipment’s durability and low utility usage. The best part about the Express machines which Laundry Systems installed for me is the amount of time customers are able to get in and out. Almost all of our customers are able to wash and dry their laundry in under an hour which is unheard of in many laundromats. This has helped our turnover ratio and allows more customers to use the machines. Our business has steadily increased over the months and we have a positive outlook on 2018. As business owners, we many times worry about nearby competition. With our machines and business layout, we are confident there aren’t many laundromats in the area that can compete with our business strategy and equipment. This has definitely given us a peace of mind running our business and seeing repeat customers. Hopefully in the future we can open a 2nd laundromat business and without hesitation I will be contacting Laundry Systems again.