Girbau Industrial Open Pocket Laundry Equipment

For stand-alone washing and drying solutions, Girbau Industrial offers open pocket equipment. Two washers are available—the HS-6057 (130-pound capacity) and the HS-6110 (255-pound capacity). Both are available in tilt or stationary models. Two dryers are available—the GT-170 (170-pound capacity) in gas or steam heat and the ST-100 (255-pound capacity). The ST-100 is used with a loading conveyor and is available in gas, steam, or thermal fluid heat and tumble-only option.

Industrial Washers

HS-6 Series Washer-Extractors

Engineered to cut water, electrical and gas costs and boost productivity, HS 6 Series high-performance washer-extractors deliver high-speed extract, a freestanding design, unmatched durability, superior energy efficiency and the ultimate in programmability! HS-6 Series Washers are available in 130- and 155-pound capacity stationary and tilt models.
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Industrial Dryers

ST-1300 Dryer with Vacuum Load

Engineered for unrivaled ergonomics, energy-efficiency, and productivity, the ST-1300 dries up to 140 pounds of laundry in less than 15 minutes. Featuring industry-unique features, including patented vacuum loading and automated Spirotilt unloading, the ST-1300 is perhaps the quickest, most efficient and user-friendly dryer on the market. Available in gas, steam, or thermal fluid heat, the ST-1300 works seamlessly as part of Girbau industrial’s Continuous Batch Washing System or in tandem with on-premise washers.
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ST-100 Dryer with Vacuum Load

Available in gas, steam or thermal fluid heat or tumble only, the ST-100 Batch Dryer is engineered to unbind, condition and completely dry up to 275 pounds of linen per load, using less energy. When the ST-100 Dryer is used as a stand-alone independent dryer, it works seamlessly with Girbau Industrial’s Loading Conveyor.
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GT-170 Dryer

The GT-170 Drying Tumbler is engineered with quality components, easy-to-use programmable controls and a multitude of features that dramatically increase laundry production and

energy-efficiency. With up to 170-pounds of capacity and gas or steam heat, the GT-170 allows maximum production when matched with HS-6 Series Washers.
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