Industrial Dryers

Our Industrial Dryers Range From 25 to 175 Lbs.

Our industrial dryers use cutting-edge engineering to ensure every ounce of BTU energy flowing to the dryer is maximized to provide the fastest and the most energy efficient evaporation rates in the industry today. Their performance is based simply on the proper combination of heat and airflow.

Our Industrial Dryers line offers industry leading features:

  • ECO-ENERGY range from 25 to 175 Lbs.
  • Thermal air recovery for boosted energy efficiency
  • Intelligent humidity sensor drying
  • Optimize axial-radial airflow
  • Integrated fire extinguishing safety system
  • TOUCH II 4.3 – 7″ color touch screen
  • Connectivity features
  • Dual drum stacking models

Our principles of constant innovation in technology result in a variety of technologically advanced and efficient industrial dryers which provides important energy savings. On top of providing value to our customers, one of our main concerns is to take care of the environment and ensure efficiency through our quality equipment that adapt to the needs of different businesses.

Once you purchase the Industrial Dryer of your choice, you should complement it with our Industrial Washer to optimize efficiency and productivity on both aspects of laundry.

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Eco-Energy Dryers

UDTT – 25/35/50
Tumble Dryers
UDTT – 65/80
Tumble Dryers

Dynamic Dryers

UDTT – 25/35/50
Tumble Dryers
UDTT – 65/80
Tumble Dryers

Essential Dryers

UDLM – 25/35/50
Tumble Dryers
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