Commercial Washers

Commercial Washers with Advanced Design and Technology

Our commercial washers are designed to meet laundry needs of the most demanding businesses, always taking into consideration efficiency, productivity and reliability as main goals.

They offer a wide variety of efficient features including the highest G-Force ratings in the market.  Why does G-Force matter?  The more water you spin out in the washer, the less water you have to remove in the dryer.  Less time in the dryer means gas savings, shorter dry times and less wear & tear on your linen (you know lint is the fibers from your sheets and towels going in the garbage, right?).  In short, less energy consumption and longer linen life. 

In addition, they offer a wide variety of efficient features to make sure that the washing cycles use only the needed water and chemicals, not more. A standard washing program consumes less than 7 liters of water per kg and cycle, and an ECO program up to 6 liters.

One of Laundry Systems of Wisconsin goal is to adapt to the needs of the different businesses and sectors with the smallest investment without sacrificing quality. For example, our equipment is designed to be the most comfortable for the user. That includes offering quality equipment and parts of reputed brands which demand little maintenance.

Since we cater to many needs, we offer a huge variety of front loading commercial washers. Our offering includes,

  • Hard mounted
  • Soft mounted
  • 22 lb. to 293 lb. capacity (depending on the model)
  • R.PM. between 505 – 1231 (depending on the model)
  • 7″ touch screen and 29 preset programs
  • All offer savings due to high extraction of water
  • Highly versatile
  • Optimal loading
  • Low water consumption
  • and much more…

Our products carry the particular stamp of innovation, experience and quality. Exceptional industry professionals have researched and developed new laundry machines with technical improvements in all areas. Laundry Systems of Wisconsin have become a pioneers in many products that over time have been standard for a very long time.

We have thousands of satisfied customers with the installation of our products, but most importantly, with our solutions to their individual needs. If you are interested in one of our Commercial Washers, do not hesitate to contact us to be able to address any inquiries and to advise you on what would be your best option taking into account the particularities of your goals.

The only thing left is to complement your commercial washer with a Commercial Dryers and some Laundry Chemicals.

Lastly, we invite you to browse through our Inventory to see what other laundry equipment we manufacture that may assist you in the future. You will find a huge selection of OPL and Coin Operated equipment to choose from.

Some of the brands we offer, have more than 80 years of industry experience, so let us show you the most advanced commercial laundry equipment available today that will help you save money through efficiency, reliability and effectiveness.

In the meantime, checkout below our inventory of Commercial Washers. We offer low, medium and high spin options in many sizes to choose from.

Contact us today and share with us your current laundry struggles and/or new project which needs need to be met appropriately.

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Low Spin

DLU – 25/30/40 Touch II
Low Spin Washer Extractors
DLU – 60/80/135 Touch II
Low Spin Washer Extractors

Medium Spin

DLU – 25/30/40/60 Touch II
Medium Spin Washers Extractors

High Spin

DLU – 25/30/40 Touch II
High Spin Washers Extractors
DLU – 100/135 Touch II
High Spin Washers Extractors
DLU – 60/80 Touch II
High Spin Washers Extractors
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