About Laundry Systems of Wisconsin

Laundry Systems has been a leading provider of laundry and chemical solutions since October 1996. Our customer centered service and industry leading equipment and chemical solutions have now come to Wisconsin. From that beginning, Laundry Systems of Wisconsin strives to build a reliable, profitable commercial laundry equipment and chemical supply business that is known for listening to customers, responding promptly to their needs, and making your life easier, leading to Excellent Trip Advisor reviews for your property! Whether you need a new washer, dryer, repairs to your current equipment, laundry or housekeeping chemicals, no need is too small, we are here help.

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Our Expert Team

Our team brings an innovative approach to both the business world and the laundry industry. Laundry Systems of Wisconsin Unlike many distributors that offer a cookie-cutter approach to business, we are young, aggressive and constantly changing to align ourselves with the most advanced laundry technology. Based in the heart of the Fox Valley we also understand the importance of environmentally conscience industries - our advanced technology allows our equipment to be top-notch and eco-friendly. We invite you to discover more about our comprehensive on-premise commercial laundry and card/coin laundry development services, to peruse articles highlighting our clients' successes, and to access detailed information about our laundry equipment brands and the many ancillary services we offer, including FULL laundry design, working schematics and support products.

Jeff Large
President, Sales Manager

Tonya Large
VP, HR Manager

Seth Willer
General Manager - Wisconsin office

Duran Harmon
Middle TN & Central KY Sales Manager

Sean Cloonan
Service Manager

Todd Palmer
Installation Manager

Heather Palmer
Finance Manager

Jenn Lamon
Sales Coordinator

Kearstyn Cloonan
Chemical & Coin Route Coordinator

Lloyd Smith
Tri-Cities, Southwest Va and Western NC Sales Manager

Unmatched Personal Attention

Your laundry system should be tailored to your particular needs. We will assess these needs and provide you with the most cost effective and efficient system to meet them. We will also perform servicing and repairs quickly, so you have less downtime.

Environmentally Friendly

Get more laundry done with fewer resources. Protecting the environment is important to us all, and we will help you make the most of every resource without losing productivity.

Lower Utility Cost

Spend less on utilities with laundry systems designed to make efficient use of water and fuel. We know your bottom line is important to you, and we will help you lower it while getting more done.

Lower Labor Costs

We know how to improve your laundry productivity while simultaneously lowering your labor costs. Our systems are efficient, so it will take fewer man hours to make them work and keep them running.