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More than 20 years ago, our president recognized that strong, solid businesses specializing in commercial laundry were few and far between. He created his new enterprise with a key twist: we focus on customer needs and requests first, rather than just on the bottom line. From those beginnings as a two-person (Jeff & Tonya) operation, Laundry Systems of Wisconsin has become a reliable, profitable commercial laundry equipment and chemical supply business that is known for listening to customers, responding to their requests, and making their lives easier. Whether you need a new laundry system, Chemicals for your laundry and facility, or support and repairs for your current equipment, you are important to us at Laundry Systems. We work hard to make laundry something that you don’t have to worry about.


We specialize in developing highly productive and efficient on-premise commercial laundries.



We know how to improve laundry productivity while reducing utilities and labor—helping our customers accomplish more, using less.



LSOT provides a wide range of industrial laundry equipment.


Parts, Services, &

Strongly rooted in the service industry, we have the know-how and resources for all your parts and service needs.


Why Choose Us?

Unmatched Personal Attention

Your laundry equipment and chemical system should be tailored to your particular needs. We will assess these needs and provide you with the most cost effective and efficient system to meet them. We will also perform servicing and repairs quickly, so you have less downtime.

Environmentally Friendly

Get more laundry done with fewer resources. Protecting the environment is important to us all, and we will help you make the most of every resource without losing productivity.

More Reasons Less Reasons

Lower Utility Cost

Spend less on utilities with laundry systems equipment and chemical solutions are designed to make efficient use of water and fuel. We know your bottom line is important to you, and we will help you lower it while getting more done.

Lower Labor Costs

We know how to improve your laundry productivity while simultaneously lowering your labor, Chemical and utility costs. Our systems are efficient, so it will take fewer man-hours to make them work and keep them running.

Building Life-Long Relationships

In 2015, I decided to pursue a new business venture. As an owner of an existing building with the ideal demographics for a laundromat, I decided to reach out to Laundry Systems. There were other vendors that wanted my business but I felt like they were not a good fit for me. I felt comfortable working with Jeff Large and...

- Ahad Kherani, Owner of Express Laundry Center
happy customers served
labor hours saved per customer each year
utility dollars saved using our equipment per customer each year

We’re serving all of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Sean Cloonan Service Manager
12 years of Experience

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